• Winter Holidays

      Our showroom of Milan set up with the colors of Christmas

    • Promemoria & Yacht Club de Monaco
    • The Sahel Desert Essence
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    • Custom made products
    • Winter Holidays
    • Promemoria & Yacht Club de Monaco
    • The Sahel Desert Essence
    • Discover our Showrooms
    • Custom made products
    • Beyond luxury

      Moving among Promemoria creations one has the feeling of being in front of something that transcends the categories of design and luxury. To be fully appreciated, these pieces of furniture require to be watched and caressed. Each piece is surprising for the originality of the combinations and for the harmonious contrasts between materials.
      They are furnishings that establish an intimate relationship with those who own them, evocative and functional, important and domestic. They are small jewels that require hours and hours of work for their realization, the expression of a company that since its inception has cultivated an exclusive look at the world of interiors.


      The journey into the world of Promemoria begins with the discovery of its products, an expression of the highest level of Made in Italy.

  • Our collections

    Promemoria collections are sensations that are inscribed in the memory. Each piece is a note on a score, in continuous dialogue with the others.

  • Showroom

    Promemoria products have learned to travel, reaching distant countries, always shining with their original beauty.

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