Milano 2021

Milano Design Week

How do we open up to the future and celebrate a magnificent artisanal past with unique materials, ethical and aesthetic values that have been created over time, and a care and passion for detail that are often at risk of seeming irrelevant in our increasingly digitalised, fast-paced world? In this highly complex period in time, Romeo Sozzi and Promemoria have found a moment to stop and reflect and mark out a clear path that will allow us to face the challenges posed by the new normal that is taking shape before our eyes.


The creative world of Promemoria is and always will be closely connected with wood. The most glorious and most exquisite varieties of it. Wood that is intrinsically sustainable. But now Promemoria has gone deeper with their approach to this, and it all stems from an awareness that when dealing with such a special material, none of it should go to waste. As a result, from the remarkable Promemoria archive (a collection of all the exquisite woods used over the years), Romeo Sozzi salvages little pieces of leftover wood that can no longer be used and brings these together using the classic woodwork technique of inlay work paired with his amazing ability to create ingenious colour combinations and patterns. 

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