Angelina Kitchen

Angelina is a mother, a grandmother, all the fragrances and recipes that we grew up with and which are still part of us today. Angelina is a great chef, secrets of the most sophisticated culinary art which never ceases to amaze us. Angelina is the philosophy and history of Promemoria, translated into kitchen to be enjoyed informally every day.

A kitchen vision

Promemoria presents its idea of kitchen, efficient, functional, welcoming, precious. In a word: luxurious. But it is a new type of luxury referring to the quality and variety of materials, the expertise and patience of doing, the attention to detail, linked to the love of everyday things and rituals; the warm luxury of conviviality and taste of ancient flavors able to stimulate all the senses. Angelina is the eternal solidity of materials such as stone and bronze, married to the gracefulness and simplicity of the line. Precious woods illuminate and harmonize the environment. 

Angelina cancels the concept of "open kitchen" to turn it into a "kitchen vision". 

The kitchen expands, leaves the technical schemes, to embrace the daily life of every family that chooses it. Each Angelina Kitchen is a unique piece, designed ad hoc on the experience of the customer, who chooses every personalization.

A multisensory display

Every single element of Angelina has been studied to make the kitchen a multisensory experience. The pantry hosts international and regional delicacies, all to be savored with the familiarity of a bon vivant. The containers are perfect for housing avant-garde and retro dishes and glasses, while drawers and shelves are spaces designed to contain hemp or linen tablecloths. There is a bookcase for historical, modern or experimental texts in the Angelina Kitchen. There is the air-conditioned cellar for wine and champagne and in a gourmand perspective there is also the re-edited closet reserved for the proper preservation of hams, salami and cheese

Technology, the second beating heart of Angelina, puts itself at the service of function, and instead of making a good show of itself, it is camouflaged in the design of the kitchen, almost whispered, patinated, silent, to avoid looking away from what is important: to savor and to share the good and beautiful of life.

"I wanted Angelina to be large, capable of a generous conviviality, I wanted it important, because you should stay in the kitchen like in the living room. I wanted it to have precious finishes and materials because, as everyone knows, I like things beautiful and well done.

From the taps to the handles, from the grid that serves as a plinth to the design of a sink, from the pantry for the wines to that for the dishes: everything requires attention. The kitchen combines geometry and poetry. The path from the washing area to the cooking area, the accessibility of the cabinets, the smoothness of the drawers, the functioning of the hood: they are all ingredients of a recipe that, even if old, always wants to be revisited."

Angelina and childhood memories

Angelina is the name of Romeo Sozzi's mother. He wanted to pay her homage by dedicating her this kitchen, which combines the most concrete aspects of culinary art together with the most visionary ones. Angelina Kitchen was created in 1995, when it was presented for the first time to the public. Since then, Angelina has grown, changed and enriched itself with new materials and solutions. It has been updated, to keep up with the needs of modern life.

What remains unchanged and still vivid in every detail of this kitchen is the love that Angelina reserved for the kitchen. In her time everything was object of much care and the work that she devoted to cooking was full of commitment. In everything there was a ritual aspect that Romeo tried to recall. 

Because the kitchen is archetypal, it mixes memories and nostalgia, childhood and mouthwatering, noises and smells.

The good food

Between the mountains and the lake, where Angelina was born, the pleasure of good food has never been lost. Seasonal ingredients mix with unusual combinations and new suggestions from the world. New cooks and new gestures enter the kitchen, but the passion for good food continues to be the epicenter of a new way of living according to Reminder.

Angelina passes down the smells and colors of tradition and repurposes them in a modern key. Substance taste and tradition in a mixture of poetry and elegance.

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