Fairy Tales

Milan 2014
Fairy Tales: 2014 Promemoria collection inspired by fairy tales | Promemoria

The fascination of stories, which take us into an elsewhere that makes the invisible visible, inspires the Promemoria 2014 collection. Fairy Tales is an invitation to look at the furniture created by the hands of artisan inventors, able to work woods, stones and metals as if they were alchemists, with the gaze of those who are still able to be surprised and dream; with the smile that accompanies curious amazement.

Fairy Tales: 2014 Promemoria collection inspired by fairy tales | Promemoria

Once upon a time...

The alpha of imagination, the beginning of a daydream, the permit to leave the rational world and abandon oneself to fantasy. In fairy tales you dive, you get lost and you find yourself in an assured happy ending. We tell them to children to make them fall asleep, with the narrating voice that lowers slowly as the eyelids get heavy.

To adults, fairy tales offer a journey through time, an innocent look on the world. For many of us dream and reality are distinct universes, two separate entities, the first measurable and concrete, the second vague and unreliable. For others, more fortunate, the division is less clear, the exchanges more frequent. It happens to those who create, to artists, to designers, to those who invent, imagine and design something that was not there before.

And it is not surprising that the best ideas arise in that state of preconsciousness that accompanies falling asleep or in that float of the first awakening, when rationality has not yet assumed the command of the day.

Fairy Tales: 2014 Promemoria collection inspired by fairy tales | Promemoria

In between two worlds

Are we awake, are we dreaming or are we somebody else's dream? Uncertainty becomes courage, time and places are something else. There are amazing encounters with magicians, fairies, mermaids, orcs, magic lamps, flying carpets, queens and princesses. And animals, many, talking like humans. Whether they are cats with boots or fish with golden scales, they often bring luck to those who meet them.

By this world, between reality and imagination, the designer of Promemoria got inspired to create impressions and echoes, a succession of beauty and fascination that colors the greyness of daily life. Like the Casetta lamp, the Butterfly armchair, the Jasmine chair, the Alì Babà table and many other magical characters that come to life from the Promemoria fairy tales. A collection of furniture made for those who have never abandoned the enchanted gaze of childhood.

Rosaspina armchair and pouf that belong to Fairy Tales, the 2014 Promemoria collection inspired by fairy tales | Promemoria
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