Lake Tales

Milan 2015
Lake Tales: 2015 Promemoria collection inspired by the Lake Como | Promemoria

We like to think that in the morning, before starting the day, Romeo Sozzi takes a last look at "his" lake: the barometer of the day, expression of different moods, a moving palette and suggestion of reflexes. This is where the "Lake Tales" collection comes from: a stolen glance, a nuance that has been captured on the fly, the profile of an uncertain reflection that turns into composite surfaces, in iridescent velvets, in refined metallic patinas.

One lake, multiple inspirations

Not everyone loves lakes. And this can only increase their appeal. Theirs is a selective landscape that touches the strings of those who, for personal or biographical reasons, have the ability to feel it and not just to watch it.

The lake is musical, elusive as a sound, changeable and secret. It is mainly the artists who choose it. Reserved and quiet, shaken by sudden storms, glimpsed between two houses in the narrow streets of the villages, scrutinized among the branches, the final goal of the look between a row of trees, blinded by a backlight that makes it similar to an abstract painting, immobile in winter, serene in the morning mists, made of steel when only gray clouds reflect in it. You look at it from the shore, from the hills and from the mountain peaks that are mirrored in it.

Lake Tales: 2015 Promemoria collection inspired by the Lake Como | Promemoria

The wake of a boat, the concentric circles on the surface, ripples sprayed with white on windy days: textures that remain impressed in the mind, to be reworked and drawn. And the colors: all the varieties of blue and gray of the water; the green of the mulberry trees, the olive trees, the espaliers of laurel and, higher up, the chestnut trees; the yellow of the irises and the faded tones of the reeling reed beds, the rushes in autumn and the rust color of cattails. And then the streaks of birds, grebes, swans and coots. And those migratory birds that do not live here and stop by.

Literary descriptions resound in the memory, evoking names known to all, from Manzoni to Fogazzaro. And also those Nordic names, who found the first corner of the Mediterranean here. The look of Segantini and the romantic glance of Friedrich and Caroline Lose, him a designer and her a colorist and engraver, who chose lakes as destinations of their pictorial trips in the XIX century, describing the idylls of Brianza.

Gertrude armchair and pouf that belong to Lake Tales, the 2015 Promemoria collection which is inspired by the Lake Como | Promemoria

Features of the collection

Many Promemoria products are part of this collection, such as the Balbianello bed headboard, which takes its inspiration from the famous Lake Como villa, or the Gertrude armchair, which is inspired by the famous nun of Manzoni's novel, The Betrothed.

Or Oleandra, a sideboard that take inspiration from the flora and fauna of the lake, becoming cult objects. Or Fosca, the sculpture-lamp whose top is concealed by a silk lampshade, like the peaks of the mountains surmounted by clouds, in the morning, on the lake.

But the real protagonist of the "Lake Tales" collection is Panama, the dining chair with a decorative motif of woven lines, a reference to the lake life of the fishermen on Lake Lecco.

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