The Atelier of Beauty

Milan 2019
The Atelier of Beauty: 2019 Promemoria collection presented during the Milan Design Week | Promemoria

Promemoria presents The Atelier of Beauty in which its philosophy is expressed and its story is told.

The concept of "home" is the perfect synthesis of this celebration: a place where new products coexist with the most beloved ones, and where Promemoria experience goes beyond the boundaries of custom-made furniture and conceives design at 360 °.

From melody to harmony

The houses we love end up looking like us. They are a succession of different rhythms, lights and moods, always changing, now more theatrical, now more intimate. The Atelier of Beauty does not speak only of the single elements that make a home unique, but also of the relationships that exist between all the elements, creating a symphony of unexpected synergies. A home to live like a real atelier of beauty, made up of proportions, details and colors that speak eloquently.

Tradition, innovation and personalization

The Atelier of Beauty is the result of an aesthetic contamination between traditional processes and new materials. To counterpoint the calm and tranquility of cabinet-making and craftsmanship, we find extraordinary accents such as borosilicate glass and nickel, materials never used before by Promemoria, shaping products with a traditional flavor, but with a contemporary soul.
The Atelier of Beauty interprets personalization as another reason for innovation. A tactile and visual search that lasted over three years led to the creation of an exclusive collection of ad hoc fabrics: velvets, cottons, linens, printed silks. A visual opulence of textures and weaves, available to make Promemoria designs even more unique and precious.

Collection features

Among the new products of The Atelier of Beauty we find Rolando, the monumental dining table completely made of white Carrara marble. This year we find references to past collections again, as in the case of Nila, a dining table with a bronze sculpture base, which is inspired in design and style on the console table of the "Indigo Tales" collection.

Both are characterized by simple lines and elegant volumes, as in the best Promemoria tradition.
The lamps department is enriched instead by two new models, D’Ora and Djed, which play with the transparencies of borosilicate glass, with the brightness of black nickel and the ethereal beauty of the ICOSAEDRO LED light.

D’ora floor lamp The Atelier of Beauty, 2019 Promemoria collection presented during the Milan Design Week | Promemoria
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