The perfection in execution

Can perfection be achieved? People are becoming more and more demanding and require unique and personalized luxury experiences. They have everything; they want something special, tailor-made, exclusive. They pay more attention to details and look for quality. It is therefore essential to provide unique and customized solutions that combine aesthetics and functionality, produced with high quality materials and high standards of work.

This is the philosophy that Davide Sozzi, architect and designer, has supported all throughout these years within the company: the search for perfection in execution as a synthesis of the Italian taste, attention to details and uniqueness.

Davide Sozzi, architect and designer, in charge of the interior design and projects department of Promemoria | Promemoria

Davide Sozzi

Born in 1974, architect and designer. Like his father, he travels around the world with a sketchbook in his pocket and draws everything that attracts and intrigues him.

A traveler for work and inclination, he is passionate about art and aviation as well as sailing boats and historical motorcycles that he restores himself.

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