Night Tales

Milan 2016
Night Tales: 2016 Promemoria collection inspired by the nocturnal tales | Promemoria

"Night Tales" is the 2016 Promemoria collection composed of nocturnal tales: furniture that pays homage to the "missing part of History", those hours of darkness - and dreams - that are the most precious source of inspiration for the creativity of the day.

Martini armchair that belongs to Night Tales, the 2016 Promemoria collection inspired by the nocturnal tales | Promemoria

Twilight suggestions

Night and day are two faces of the same reality, feeding each other in the inescapable alternation that is so familiar to us. "Night Tales" wants to celebrate these twilight suggestions, lines to be admired and enjoyed in the shade, in the intimacy of a house in its moment of maximum tranquility.

This collection is full of secrets to discover and share with those who deserve it: little corners, details and small surprises that do not cease to fascinate; finally ready to live their personal "Night Tales".

Night Tales: 2016 Promemoria collection inspired by the nocturnal tales | Promemoria

Features of the collection

"Night Tales" is a game of revelations, as in the writing desk Au Bout de la Nuit: a sumptuous vision of wood, bronze and leather that is a real treasure chest of elements that hide from view and then gradually let themselves be admired.

Then there is the equally impressive Plenilune coffee table, perfect for the tea ceremony as if to welcome the colorful ideas and inviting images of the finest books. La Belle Aurore, a true icon of the night, is a discrete cabinet illuminating darkness. But it holds another face inside, precisely an aurora with spaces to redefine, lights and reflections. A whole to be discovered slowly.

And then there is a bookcase, which is the most elegant and intense background that our emotions and thoughts could wish. Nightwood is there to accommodate our choice of readings, our favorite stories, our paper dreams.

And there are still secrets to discover and curves to be caressed by in the Nocturne sofa, a welcoming seat with an almost graphic sign, like a soft ideogram; the curves of the Vespertine chair or the profile of Rachele, in bronze, wood and hammered leather; exploring the world "through the mirror" beyond the reflective surface of Ey-de-Net, a nocturnal eye enclosed by a soft leather or wood frame; or finally abandoning ourselves to a bed to which the Kalì Nikta headboard has offered its profiles.

Night Tales: 2016 Promemoria collection inspired by the nocturnal tales | Promemoria
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